Google Chrome rocks

Today Google released Chrome and what should I say: I am really impressed! It’s an open-source browser that picked me up with a nice comic that explains some of Google’s ideas behind it. Starting with a slick user interface and blowing your socks off by its speed this is what I call a great piece of software. Under the hood, mighty gears seem to be at work.

According to Google, a modern browser should be fast, stable and secure. Their purpose is not simple text rendering any more. Those things do not end in themselves, they are some necessary piece of software (read: evil) to make web experience happen. Today you do text processing, watch videos, play games, attend online seminars or go shopping on the Internet. Browsers with annoying pop-ups, nasty layout problems or the ever greedy demand on new plug-ins simply have to stay out of the way.┬áChrome tries to appear more comfortable through technical improvements and UI refinements in this respect (e.g. multiple processes to increase speed and reliability, omnibox, v8, drive-by pop-ups). On the other hand, browsers require tight desktop integration (independent tabs, webapps in their own window like prism). Another important feature of today’s browsers is security. Chrome seems to settle these claims and offers a great alternative to current browsers even though “Chrome is far from done” as Sundar Pichai states.

For me, Chrome is a step towards some sort of “web operating system“. But for me, the C64 was a great thing, too…

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  1. media boy says:

    i’m willing to try it out just to see if it works more efficiently than FireFox… if it’s faster than Firefox, has tabs and isn’t IE, then it should be perfect

  2. Timo John says:

    Hey, the Chrome comic ROCKS! I have not expected it to be that long but its really nice. Unfortunately a bit on to high level for real “users” …

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