Modeling Symposium at Eclipse Summit Europe 2008

Today, the Eclipse Summit Europe 2008 starts with different symposia reaching from embedded runtimes over banking industry to test-driven development to name a few. At the Modeling Symposium Peter and me presented a position paper that outlines three possible ways of storing models while preserving their textual representation. Ed gives a summary with some photos, too.

During the day there were some great contributions including “COPE: Coupled Evolution of Metamodels and Models for EMF” from Markus Herrmannsdoerfer and a felicitous closing by Jos Warner. He discussed “Big Models – An Alternative Approach”. As it turned out in the Open Space Sessions afterwards, working with big models seems to be one of the current challenges in the modeling world.

Unfortunately, the presented papers cannot be downloaded from a central location but are beeing shared via email between the attendees. To make at least our contribution available to the public you can download the paper as well as the presentation slides right here.

Still, two more days full of interesting sessions to come.


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