Model-Based UIs and Refactorings at the ESE 2008

Beside many other interesting presentations and talks there were two exciting projects I learned about at the Eclipse Summit Europe 2008.


Olivier demonstrates Wazaabi 2.0 to me

On Wednesday, Olivier Moïses, the lead of wazaabi, gave me a demonstration of his ideas about models and UIs. While the Eclipse E4 team at the E4 Symposium still had a strong argue whether modeling would be an advantage that justifies another layer on top of RCP Olivier already did it! Have a look at the preview of Wazaabi 2.0 and you will see how such a live model based on EMF could work.

Jeff gives a great presentation on Ludwig and refactorings with the LTK

Jeffrey Overbey overwhelmed me on different levels. First, his elegant presentation style and confident appearance towards the audience made the rather theoretic topic “refactoring” an entertaining joy (Read Peter’s Post about this). Second, Jeff concentrates on topics where Xtext will advance in the near future, too. On top of his own framework parser/AST generator Ludwig and the Eclipse LTK he will concentrate on refactorings of arbitrary languages. Third, he seems to be as friendly as all the other modeler guys are ;)  Hopefully, his work and Xtext will cross-fertilize.

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