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Many surfers on the web are not familiar with RSS feeds nor do they own an aggregator to collect news automatically. Those “old-fashioned internet citizens” gather information by opening websites one after the other and scanning their content by hand (or eyes and memorization, so to speak). While such a “bad habbit” might be sufficient for private users professional publishers gamble away regular readers by ignoring their affectations.

Reading a mail costs me only a minute but opening all these websites takes the whole day!

This is what my mom replied to me recently. She reads the web as many others do, searches at amazon or ebay and does emails, too. But subscribing to a feed is another story. This is where services like nourish come in.

Nourish acts as a publisher and sends out emails with the relevant news each time a feed indicates changes on a website. It’s much like a newsletter service with campains and managed subscribers where the content itself comes from an arbitrary RSS feed instead. This is a great way to reuse existing content and infrastructure while developing the reader base.

But thinking about my mom, I am looking forward to complaints of all this spam in her mailbox ;)

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  1. Timo John says:

    as far as I know, feedburner by google offers also things like that… people can subscribe or in the case of your mum “be subscribed” to news feed being informed by emails, using feedburner you get some more nice things for free…
    You can check out that feature at my blog …

    Greetings TIMO

  2. Guy Philipp Bollbach says:

    Apple integrated the rss reader in Mail perhaps because of that reason. You have all in one ,although you would have to add it yourself the first time. I’ll ask my mother what she likes best ;-)

  3. Thank you for that hint, Timo. Since I do not feed burn my blog, this is no option, right?

  4. Timo says:

    Well, you can “Burn” every feed you wand to and there are some benefits like statistics, and other nice features that feedburner offers, but you are right, you do not NEED to that with your WordPress Feed.
    But still this would be an option to enhance the feed and perhaps even the blog…

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