Breaking New Ground

After nearly three years with itemis I decided to found my own startup and to create a product in the mobile area. I like to think back of the awesome time with the Xtext team and later the newly founded mobile division at itemis. It’s been a pleasure to do consulting for demanding customers and to advocate model-driven development with Eclipse at international conferences. I learned a lot over this time and want to thank all of my colleagues within itemis – Thank you for a great time!

My startup BeamApp builds a consumer product for mobile users

I was carrying the idea of building a “real” product for quite some time. So, after extensive discussions with friends, colleagues, other entrepreneurs and the directors of itemis I finally decided to leave my efforts in “consulting services” behind and to create my own business. It’s called BeamApp and focusses solely on building a consumer product for the growing market of mobile users.

As HackFwd reports:

With BeamApp, you can pass your current context from one device to another to continue an ongoing task with the gadget that fits best. A hassle-free, wireless setup and a seamless integration for dialing, texting, surfing, directions or music simplifies your mobile life. It works on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry with any laptop, netbook and tablet that runs Windows, Mac OS X or a browser.

Thanks to Lars Hinrichs I got funded by HackFwd for roughly a year. From here, I will concentrate on the minimal viable product first, so please apologize the poor artwork and lack of promotion at the moment. If you want to stay up to date, follow BeamApp on Twitter and subscribe at BeamApp’s teaser page.

You do not believe how excited I am about this step!

Support my Work

Writing an article like the one you have just read takes me quite an amount of my personal time. Way too often, I invest this time in different interests and decide against another blog post. On the other hand, you can motivate me with your feedback, your thoughts and your ideas. Please leave a comment below or flattr this post if you think it's worth it.


  1. uk says:

    All the best, I have signed up (hope you will be offering beta access) and keep blogging to fill the gap of lack of promotion with it.

  2. Dennis Doubleday says:

    Good luck to you! On the evidence of your impressive presentations at the EclipseCons I attended, I expect you to be successful.

  3. Lars Vogel says:

    Klasse Heiko, das freut mich. :-) Viel Erfolg und Glück in Deinem Startup!

  4. Ian Skerrett says:


    Good luck on the new startup. It sounds very exciting and certainly in a very exciting space.


  5. Hey Heiko,

    Alles Gute! Klingt ja alles sehr spannend.

    Wir sehen uns diesen Herbst sicher ;-) , dann kannst ja mal ein bisschen was drüber erzählen. =)

  6. ekke says:

    heiko, wish you luck with your startup. If you need betat testers on BlackBerry Smartphones or PlayBook let me know ;-)

  7. christian campo says:

    Viel Erfolg und natürlich bin ich wie alle anderen auch neugierig und teste gerne Betas Alphas oder sonstiges…. :-)

  8. Heiko, the best of luck with the startup. I can do ß-testing on iPad and Mac OS X :)

  9. Nice 1, Heiko. Wishing you all the best and success to rock the mobile eco-system.

  10. Heiko,

    Good luck with your startup.

    Let me know if you’d like to integrate with our cross-platform development environment in FeedHenry :-)

    I am not surprised that you’ve gone this route, as you came across as entrepreneurial and driven when I met you, so I know you will have the skills needed to make a success of this exciting new venture.


  11. Holger Schill says:


    goog luck with your idea and I wish you all the best. I was a pleasure to work with you together.


  12. Kai Tödter says:

    I wish you all the best, lots of fun, and — success!

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