Selling Dead Trees

My book shelves flow over and I’ve decided to throw out some of my technical literature. Find below a set of classics, oddities and brand new best sellers. I put those on the German Amazon market as used books and aimed at the lowest price each. So far, this turned out to be great. I’ve already sold 3 German books “Entwickeln mit dem iPhone SDK”, “Einstieg in ObjectiveC 2.0 und Cocoa”, and “Modellgetriebene Softwareentwicklung: Techniken, Engineering, Management” over the last 24 hours! If you want me to help getting rid of the others please follow the links below and choose “used items” and look for my seller id hbehrens.

Ouch! I’ve just discovered that one of my first buyers made his purchase only to keep his monopoly at a price four times higher than my original offer. While this might be a valid market strategy it’s a sign for you as well: If you wan’t to own one of these books you better hurry.

General Software Engineering

iPhone and Objective-C

Java & Eclipse

Graphics & Web



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  1. Hello,

    I found your web site because I am interested in the Applause project. Recently I tried checking out the Applause repo and building it, but the java build failed with lots of error messages that I didn’t know how to fix. (I installed Eclipse+Xtext and got as far as “Right-click on org.applause.lang and choose Run As… -> Eclipse Application”, but the target never compiled.) Is someone still working on the Applause project? Is there a full description of the Applause language and features? It seems you are selling your iOS programming books, does this mean you are moving away from mobile development?

    I would be grateful for any information!

  2. Hey Sergei,

    No, I haven’t abandoned mobile development. Quite the opposite is the case :) With my startup BeamApp we are close to launch and I was selling only a few samples of the ever growing amount book I own to reclaim some space.

    Regarding APPlause: I pushed the first version quite some time ago together with Peter who still works on this idea (right now as he ensured me a minute ago). Please have a look at the official APPlause repository where several branches (not the master, though) are under active development and get in touch with him instead. He welcomes any feedback and help. Thank you for your interest.

  3. Hi,

    I have tried writing to Peter through his web form, – no reply so far. Also I don’t see any github branches of applause with development more recent than 6 months ago. Is there a branch with a working distribution that I can install now to try it?

  4. Hey Sergei, Peter just CC’ed me a second mail to your gmail address. Did you double check your spam folder? I was talking about this branch

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