UISprech – My German Podcast for iOS Developers

Last night, I’ve published the first three episodes of UISprech – the German podcast about iOS development. Right before those, I recorded a “null episode” discussing the idea and concept behind this side-project.

Being a regular speaker at international conferences about mobile development in general and iOS topics in particular I get in touch with a lot of fellow developers and speakers. And while English remains the de-facto language for programming-related publications and conferences, I had to learn that most people prefer their mother tongue over a foreign language. Quite often listeners miss a particular vocabulary and won’t ask for it. Native speakers deliver great puns and only few people in the audience are laughing.

While quite a few speakers try to reach out for greater visibility by producing content in English (as I am doing while writing in English here) more than one time I noticed how one of them left a bad impression during an English interview or podcast. Being at loss for words they delivered only mediocre content even though most of them are bright people and excellent developers with extraordinary stories. In the end, all the fun of a natural conversation between experts became a disappointing waste of time.

That’s why I created UISprech, a German podcast for German listeners. Nobody has to feel overstrained during a conversation and nobody gets lost due to missing vocabularies. Everybody has a better feeling and we all can concentrate on what this is all about: professional iOS development.

Similar to Saul Mora’s NSBrief I am inviting a single guest for each episode. In addition to Saul’s concept we will have an explicit topic we are focussing on, e.g. “CocoaPods” or “Unit-Testing”. That way, there will be a growing archive of iOS-related topics from a personal angle together with valuable knowledge of practitioners.

The first three episodes are already online (remember, those are all in German)

And there are a lot more in the pipeline (Unit-Testing, App Store Optimization, Debugging Tools, REST-APIs, Being a Developer at a Startup…). If you understand German or want to improve your German skills while listening to familiar topics as Michael does (“[..] will use UISprech to learn German”) come over to UISprech.de or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

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