Your List of Wishes for the EclipseCon (iPhone|Android|.*?) App

Three weeks ago, the mobile conference app we built at itemis mobile helped many attendees to keep track of their personal schedule at Eclipse Summit Europe 2010. With three different versions we not only addressed the Android and iPhone users with true native apps available on the Market Place (search for “eclipse summit”) and App Store. There is also a mobile website built on top of Google App Engine to serve everyone else including owners of Blackberry and Nokia phones and especially phones with outdated browsers.

Every second attendee has used one of our apps

Every second attendee has used one of our apps (Photo: Anne Jacko)

We derived quite a few numbers from the download data of the various sources and personally I am quite proud to say that every second attendee has used one or the other version of our app. During the conference about 225 people out of 467 attendees downloaded the native Apps (iOS: 154, Android: 71) and 8 people managed their schedule with the website (201 people tried it but picked only three or less sessions). Compared to the survey the Eclipse foundation carried out as part of the registration process every single iOS user downloaded the iPhone app! Only 73% of the Android users downloaded the app and 17% of the remaining group (including Nokia and Blackberry owners) used the mobile website.

Numbers from the various sources

One can interpret these numbers in different ways. “Native apps are far better than mobile web”, I heard several times. “Your mobile website should be improved- who need apps?” reflects another opinion. The Blackberry users might have used Ekke’s prototype (attendees with Blackberry according to survey: 17, actual downloads: 31) instead of the website. Others generally put these numbers into question (134% of the iOS users downloaded the app?). I’d like to overcome this uncertainty with even more data.

EclipseCon 2011

Currently, we are talking with the Eclipse foundation to develop another conference app for the upcoming EclipseCon 2011. To deliver the best experience we would like to collect your wishes and ideas. Please use the quick polls below and/or leave a comment to push us in the right direction.

Thank you! And again: Please leave a comment to give feedback beyond the polls.

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  1. Boris Bokowski says:

    Can the [Android] app please remember where I was so that I see the same screen when I open the app the next time?

  2. Peter says:

    @Boris: Oh? I thought Android has multi-tasking, so this should work out of the box? All sarcasm aside, this is something we will make sure for all platforms for the next version.

  3. Paul says:

    How about a touch-phone optimized website? That should serve all, shouldn’t it?

  4. ekke says:

    as Heiko already wrote I developed a prototype app for BlackBerry and I will provide a full featured conference app for BlackBerry to support EclipseCon 2011 so it’s good to see what the users expect and also to see that there’s interest to have a BlackBerry App.
    thx Heiko cretaing the Polls.

    my personal add-ons:
    * I would like to have the session-survey to be integrated – think this is more comfortable then using the yes/no votes as before.
    * not only an integrated way to take notes, but also to take pictures

  5. Hey Paul, we already had one for the summit. People preferred the native apps, though.

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