– The Superior Online File Sharing Alternative to Our Departed

When had been purchased (read: shut down) by Facebook last October a great way of sharing files disappeared without any equally simple alternative. Times have changed and free services such as Crate, Senduit, DropSend, or are trying to close the gap. But the superior alternative surely is! is easy to use and offers unmatched quality comes with a sleek interface and a hassle-free process. There’s no registration required, it creates a convenient download page with previews while your upload is still ongoing, and deletes files automatically if they hadn’t been accessed within two weeks. In comparison to many other services, there’s no averting size limitation (well, individual files may not exceed 2GB) or number of shares you create per month.
Free accounts will give you additional services such as statistics, or “admin rights” on shares to modify their contents after publishing. But even without having a dedicated account, keeps a history of your shares without the need of a password as long as you browse the site with the same machine (based on cookies).

As I am writing this post there had been more than 291.900 shares created (20+ of them by myself) with since its launch in November and services such as TechCrunch or Mashable are as excited as I am.

Wishing the best for the team I am looking forward to seeing how your paid service could be even better.

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