“What is EclipseCon?”

In a few hours from now, I will be on my flight towards this year’s EclipseCon in Santa Clara. Similar to my blitz talk last year, I am going to talk about mobile development based on domain-specific languages. This time, I am really excited that Peter will team up and we were approved for an extended talk (40 minutes) at Ballroom BC to entertain you with fully packed material and several live demos. In addition to the session’s description we will not only produce mobile apps for iPhone, Android and mobile web (Google App Engine). You will experience the model-driven way on yet another platform that was ignored by the official conference apps.

watson and eclipse

What can we expect from IBM Watson in the future and how is it related to Eclipse? Find out at David Gondek's Keynote at EclipseCon on Tuesday (Eclipse Icon courtesy of Shaun Smith)


Beyond the aforementioned talk by Peter and myself

there are a few other sessions I am looking forward to attend

Apart from these, there are many other talks worth attending, but listing those eventually would result in a copy of the official program (the program committee did a great job, again). I am expecting interesting conversations and social activities (like last year’s iPhone Mars Rover) to happen, too.

But, my personal highlight is the keynote on Tuesday about IBM Watson by David Gondek:

Over the last weeks, I watched more than five hours of video material and read countless interviews and articles about Watson. There’s just so much potential in this technology and the whole industry of computer-supported activities. By any chance, users will use computational time from systems like Watson in the not-so-distant future to verify their personal goals, collect evidence, do research or -in case of a keynote- have some fun. If we had the chance to let Watson calculate the question for a clue at EclipseCon, my take would be:

Conferences $500: Started as a User’s Group Meeting in 2002 this anual “family event” became the most recognizable celebration of a community named after the obscuration of a celestial object.

Anyway, I am looking forward to four engaging days in Santa Clara and I am thinking of everyone who could not make it this year like Ekke, Lars, and especially our friends from Japan.

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  1. Ian Bull says:

    Any chance we could get those images at eclipse.org? That would make a great splash screen for Tuesday Eclipse Integration Build :-)

  2. Sent you an email with my PSD. Looking forward to your result :)

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