Publications in current issues of PAGE magazine and mobile business

The German print magazines PAGE 5.11 and mobile business 03.11 both share some of my ideas about mobile development in general, web vs. native, and how designers and developers can work hand in hand to produce a great mobile experience.

PAGE 3.11 - practical experiences from different areas about collaboration of design and implementation collected on 11 pages

The PAGE article collects examples of several professionals to give an overview of today’s processes in the area of print, web, and mobile. Throughout the interview I had with the editor, several tools, good and unavoidably bad experiences came into my mind. Most of the time, I was talking about what works well (avoid the man-in-the-middle, keep a good relationship and use the right tool for the job) and emphasized a single advice: Do not treat apps as “just a small website” if you want to keep to the budget. Also, if you carefully look on page 31 you might notice the featured NIVEA Waterfall Race I wrote about before from a technical perspective.

mobile business 03.11 - you can read my German article about mobile web and native apps online

The mobile business asked me to write about the controversially discussed topic “mobile web or native apps?”. Even though I can see high potential on current mobile web technology it’s still not on par with the native counterpart when looking at user experience and features such as the camera or app store distribution. Addressing decision makers and non-developers I skipped technical details of cross-platform development but explained the different alternatives (including hybrid apps) in words one could use to make a business decision and to find the right developer instead. Also, you can find a reduced pro/con list for these two approaches. This article is available online, too!

Both magazines can be ordered online and are of course part of our company library. So, if you happen to visit us in Hamburg you are more than welcome to flip through our copy.


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  1. Wolfgang says:

    Hallo Heiko!

    Sehr gute Artikel und meiner Meinung nach den “Nagel auf den Kopf” getroffen …

    Ich finde die “entweder/oder” Diskussionen für Native vs. Web Apps wenig zielführend. Im Mittelpunkt jeder Technologie-/Plattformentscheidung sollten immer die Anforderungen und Ziele einer Anwendung stehen.
    Für eine umfangreiche Abdeckung “aller” mobilen Plattformen ist die Kombination mit Web-Apps sicher ein guter Ansatz und die Grenzen werden in Zukunft m.E. nach weiter verwischt werden …

    Hat Spass gemacht die Diskussion/Argumentation nochmal so schön aufbereitet und struktruriert lesen zu können.


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