New Website: Xtext 2.0 Indigo, CSS3 + HTML5

There’s been a major redesign of the Xtext website. Not only, it leverages the modern Eclipse Indigo look in different variations. Similar to Xtext itself, it comes with some cool new features whereas others had been polished and could be improved. You will find a completely overhauled documentation and dedicated areas for the infamous Xbase and Xtend 2.

The new Xtext website comes with many cool features

When you first open the new website you will notice an extensive realignment compared to the previous version. The site leverages various CSS3 features such as animations (look at the subtle “2.0″ glow), smooth hover effects or a slider-based navigation at the top.

In addition to various news streams that collect blog posts, tweets or commit statistics, there are randomly drawn quotes from happy Xtext users. Talking about mashups and happiness: The documentation now integrates with Disqus (at the bottom of every page) so you can give direct feedback on any topic or provide useful code snippets to others!

From a technical perspective, the “Install Now” button at the top is the most interesting enhancement: It supports the new Eclipse Marketplace Drag&Drop installation feature that comes with Indigo. Still, if you just click on the button, you will be guided to the classic Xtext download page (thanks to some JavaScript). Both alternatives are explained with an HTML5-powered animation (read: NO FLASH) that appears once you hover over the button. Yes, there’s definitely some hype going on…

Unfortunately, I couldn’t contribute much code to the Xtext project over the last two years. Working on the Xtext website once a year is my attempt to say: “Thank you, Xtext team. Your work is great!”

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  1. anon says:

    the “completely overhauled documentation” link refers to “localhost”

  2. ekke says:

    loks really cool now – like the Toolbar esp.

  3. Holger Schill says:

    Just awesome!!! Thanks a lot!!!

  4. raju says:

    Hi Heiko,

    I am working on xtext, Actually iam creating the language editor in that editor i need to acess the java classes and objects(from my existing prj), could you please suggest me how to add the grammer or any other possible way to acess them..


  5. Hey Raju,

    I am no longer working on this project as I am running my own business. I’d suggest you head over to the the Xxtext Community Forum and ask your question over there. Good luck!

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