Speed Comparison of oAW and M2T Xpand

Migrating a real world openArchitectureWare Xtext/Xpand project to the corresponding Eclipse M5 modeling projects (TMF, M2T) I had the opportunity to see the results of our ongoing speed improvement effort. While the part of code generation of this project originally took nearly half an hour we were able to reduce its execution time below 3 minutes with the help of a brand-new M2T profiler. After that I migrated the templates, checks and workflow(s) to the package structure of M2T and did some measurement.

This project generates about 1.500+ Java and C++ files as well as some X(HT)ML and plain text. It consists of 250+ Xtend functions and 200+ Xpand defines in more than 80 files. See below the runtime characteristics while generating the artefacts of the very same project using oAW 4.3.1, the Eclipse milestone M5 without and with the recently introduced polymorphic dispatch caching enabled:

Execution time (code generation only)

Execution time (code generation only)

Looking just at these numbers, I would confidently say that the upcoming Eclipse M2T Xpand runs significantly faster than the good ol’ oAW Xpand!

Read more about the the M2T profiler in this post.

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