Google App Engine for Java and Google plug-in for Eclipse

Today, Google announced that the Google App Engine will support Java. This is great news for every Java developer who wants to experiment with the cloud. At the moment Google grants an “early look” to only a few (10,000) developers that sign up early. Everybody else can code, test, debug und run Java-based applications using the SDK locally but won’t be able to upload the application until this service is available for everybody.

At the same time the Google Plug-in for Eclipse has been announced, too. Together with the 1.6 release of GWT there’s much to explore and a long and eagerly awaited feature comes true.

This is by far better than the fake of a Google App Engine for Fortran.

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  2. yanzixiang says:

    Do you know how to plug the google plugins into eclipse 3.5?

  3. The Docs ( mention Europa (3.3) and Ganymede (3.4) but not Galileo (3.5). It seems that Galileo is currently not supported.

  4. Scott says:

    Ask for URL:
    and get …

    Not Found
    The requested URL /eclipse/plugin/3.4 was not found on this server.

  5. Hey Scott, this URL points to an Eclipse Updatesite and Google seems to block access via a browser. The Update Manager of Eclipse lists 3 plug-ins, though. Follow the Installatio Instruction of you are unfamiliar with Eclipse Updatesites

  6. Scott says:

    I added it to the Software Updates and Add-ons but this is what i get:

    No repository found at

  7. Sorry Scott, I cannot think of a reason for your problem. Please consult the FAQ for the installation process of this plug-in

    The last point of this FAQ points you to the Community Resources if your specific problem is not covered over there. Hope that helps.

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