Working for itemis

Two weeks ago I joined itemis AG, a company that offers consultancy and focuses on model-driven software development. Even though our main office is located in Lünen near Dortmund you will find me at our office in Kiel.

Sven, Peter, Jan, Mortiz, Dennis and me leverage and develop Java tools in the field of domain specific languages. If you ever read about Xtext, that’s us!

You can find my colleagues at conferences, read their articles or book their services as experts in software construction. The latter happened to my colleagues Holger and Torsten who are working at our “open source lab kiel”, too. They support a customer in Stuttgart and I haven’t seen them, yet.

And what am I supposed to do at itemis?

Well… being the freshman on board I am “swabbing the deck”! A whole bunch of new acronyms, exciting tasks and congenial colleagues come along this challenge. You can expect some illuminating posts in the near future on this blog.

Support my Work

Writing an article like the one you have just read takes me quite an amount of my personal time. Way too often, I invest this time in different interests and decide against another blog post. On the other hand, you can motivate me with your feedback, your thoughts and your ideas. Please leave a comment below or flattr this post if you think it's worth it.


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