Migrate contacts from Sony Ericsson K750i to the iPhone

Today, I wanted to migrate contacts from my good ol’ mobile to my new iPhone 3G. Since apple’s telephony product neither supports bluetooth nor allows importing via SIM card I decided to walk the old fashioned way: Data via cables.

The propietary software vom Sony Ericsson only works on my PC but the iPhone is connected to my iTunes on the Mac Book Pro on the other hand. Therefore, this procedure was a bit exhausting.

The setup:

  • 95 contacts inside my Sony Ericsson K750i connected via USB (no Bluetooth at my PC) to the
  • Propirietary PC Software running at my PC (no Mac version available)
  • Using its sync mechanism to export the contacts to Microsoft Outlook (software does not provide file based export)
  • Exporting the contacts as vcards with the open source software Outport (Outlook 2003 itself does not offer this)
  • Moving nearly 100 Files from my PC to my Mac Book Pro with DropBox (far more comfortable than a USB stick for tasks like this)

And now the fun stuff:

  • Selecting these files in the Finder on the Mac and saying “open”. This merges the contacts into my addressbook and syncs them with the iPhone.

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  2. Timo John says:

    Every problem is a “DATA – MAPPING” problem : UOA 2004

  3. Gilo says:

    There is an easier way. If you have a macbook with bluetooth you can pair your sony erriccsson to the macbook and run isync. This will import all your contacts into mac’s address book, ready for you to then sync with the iphone. Now if only the iphone could sync wirelessly…

  4. Shams Rahman Sazeeb says:

    Hi Heiko Behrens,

    Good evening. I want to transfer contacts from my K750i. Unfortunately I don’t have the supporting software in the PC. Please send me a link instead of http://www.sonyericsson.com/cws/support/softwaredownloads/detailed/pcsuite/k750i?cc=gb&lc=en this one. Cause, I didn’t find my required software here.


  5. washaa says:

    Try using MyPhoneExplorer, a software which can sync your pc to a number of SE phones (including k750) via bluetooth and USB. It worked for me and I had the same problem of getting my contacts onto my new iPhone. You can load them onto your PC as a number of different filetypes. I used the VCard filetype and mailed it to myself. I then accessed the attatched file via my iPhone and viola, I could add all my old contacts!

    It’s free but I suggest you donate to the creator if it works, since it’s the only easy option out there. I’ve been in contact with SE support and they can only suggest using PC Suite (which they have to send you personaly) together with outlook, a not-so-free program. Anyway, here’s a link:


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