Xtext Workshop

Sebastian and me had the opportunity to give some exciting Xtext Workshops during the last two weeks. Starting with internal trainings at different offices of itemis we continued our tour to our customers. In  groups from 4 up to 12+ attendees we explained simple things as well as more complex topics such as Scoping or Actions.

By now I won’t call us Xtext experts but one thing is safe to say: Beyond the convincing basic functions Xtext does an awesome job when facing advanced topics.
(Falko Riemenschneider)

I am glad to see that TMF Xtext got rid of many strange issues oAW Xtext had when it comes to corner cases. And the extensibility with Google Guice will be of great value.
(Steffen Stundzig)

Please understand that I can neither publish the slides nor exercises of this workshop since it is material our customers pay for. We are still working on more content that will be publicly available. Meanwhile, if you are interested in Xtext the newsgroup is a valuable place to share experience and to delve into questions the documentation cannot answer.

For you itemis co-workers, read on at the intranet and download the material.

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