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Last Wednesday Peter, Jan and me discussed the idea to blog about nifty little tools that make up our daily life with our Macs. With this post I will start to do so and want to present MAS, the Mac SVN Server, to you.

Whenever you have to prepare a digital show case, a presentation or simply try out a new programming library, the burnt IT-professional sticks to version control. And since the Internet is not yet omnipresent in trains, planes, secured environments or due to unpredictable events there is the demand for a locally installed system.

I am using Eclipse most of the development time so the choices are limited. And since I prefer SVN over CVS I was looking for a subversion server that can be used the Mac-ish way. Uli Kusterer put together an Apache server with the desired SVN capabilities built-in, tied it as a drop-installable application and called it MAS. It comes with a simple GUI that allows you to manage users to grant access to the repository that resides in your home directory (~/Library/Application Support/MAS). Download and drop it into you application directory. There’s nothing more to say.

For the last months MAS has done exactly what it was designed for. It supports me every time I want to put something under version control and stops serving when closing the application.

And tomorrow’s presentation at the Eclipse DemoCamp in Hamburg will benefit from it, too!

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  1. Well, why don’t you just use the built-in Apache with the built-in SVN? It just takes you 5 Lines of Code and you’re done… without installing/starting/stopping another server…


  2. Sounds promising, Michael. I haven’t found anything about a built-in solution, though. Could you outline your approach?

  3. Meanwhile, Michael has blogged about a full-fledged Apache and SVN Server running on a Mac:

  4. Sonique says:

    Hello, this is a great article. But if you need an easy setup of Subversion server with very nice GUI Trac (from edgewall), you can try SPMPT. It’s a package which include Subversion server, Trac, (and python / mod_python) for MAMP.

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