Xtext at Eclipse DemoCamp May 2009 in Hamburg

Yesterday’s Eclipse DemoCamp in Hamburg was a successful social event. The organizers Peter and Martin scheduled the Eclipse Stammtisch directly after the demo sessions so that many known but (to me) even more unknown faces gathered together to discuss the impressions at the bar.

Beside the talks from Moritz Eysholdt (Patching Models and Evolving Meta Models), Simon Zambrovski (Playing with Eclipse Common Navigator Framework) and Markus Alexander Kuppe (Distributed OSGi, RFC 119 – The ECF way) there was a talk about ObjectTeams again. Marco Mosconi demonstrated how one can weave manually written code into generated GMF editors with an aspect-oriented approach. Nice!

Me talking about Xtext at the Eclipse DemoCamp in Hamburg

Me talking about Xtext at the Eclipse DemoCamp in Hamburg

I had the opportunity to talk about Xtext in front of an audience that mostly had not seen it before. Playing with expectations and trying out some new ideas was great fun. Xtext becomes more stable and doing live presentations is no risk but a pleasure.

For those who do not want to miss the pizza recipe nor the class schedule DSL, you will find attached the slides. Peter’s photos and Simon’s album give a visual impression of the event. Also, please note that we have just published ready-to-use distributions with the current Xtext RC2 release. Nothing should stop you from implementing your very own grammar. And if you come up with a textual DSL to avoid wrong IDs in your plugin.xml, let me know ;)


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