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Reading tweets, newsgroup posts, blogs, articles or press releases I am very excited to notice that xText gains increasing attention. As far as I can see most newcomers learn about xtext as a great tool to create domain specific languages (DSLs). Also, X-Text seems to fulfill a need many software engineers feel: Inventing their own programming language.

People are just starting to explore the possibilities and sometimes it is difficult for them to find the right word to name a concept or share an idea. We do our best to support those seekers and are glad to do away with a common uncertainness: The right spelling is “Xtext” and from today its logo does reflect this.

The new Xtext logo starts with a capital X

The new Xtext logo starts with a capital X

Beside every other wrong spelling “xtext” was the most prominent. It took us a while to find out why this was the case. Eventually, we realized that the omnipresent logo started with a lower-case “x” (convince yourself). So it was our own fault!

With the help of Carsten Oltmann we are proud to present the new version of the Xtext logo. Feel free to place it into your presentations, on your blogs or as a sticker at your laptop.


I will provide the logo in four different flavours and in two different formats. You can download a vector graphic and a PNG in suitable sizes. The background color of the thumbnails are for reference only, the provided graphics are transparent.

EPS (vector) EPS (vector) EPS (vector) EPS (vector)
PNG (800px) PNG (800px) PNG (800px) PNG (800px)
PNG (300px) PNG (300px) PNG (300px) PNG (300px)
PNG (100px) PNG (100px) PNG (100px) PNG (100px)

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  1. ekke says:

    great work !

  2. Nice logos ! I’ve been struggling with the spelling myself for quite a while. Glad it’s finally clear :)


    Cédric Vidal

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