I love to listen to radio plays when going to bed and often I fall asleep only a few minutes after starting an episode. This works great for me but who switches off my Computer? A few years ago I have written a PC program that shuts down Windows after a given time. However, on the Mac there’s an even better tool: iWannaSleep.

iWannSleep brings your Mac to bed

iWannaSleep puts your Mac to bed

Marco Binder has written this little helper that puts your Mac to bed. It acts as a timer, fades out the sound and performs an action. This could be “shut down”, “stop iTunes” or “run apple script”. I usually stay with “put to sleep” (so my Mac has no hangover the next morning). The tool remembers the options I have chosen the last time and has never dozed off itself before doing its job.

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  1. Peter Friese says:

    Sweet! But I bet there will be someone who tells you that you an achieve the same with a cron job :-P

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