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Complementary to the extensive twitter presence, heaps of blog posts, the website relaunch as well as the successful webinar Xtext now enters print media. Today, the German iX Magazin for professional IT (issue 08/2009) publishes an article where I try to offer a general idea of Xtext: “Domänenspezifische Sprachen mit dem Eclipse-Projekt Xtext“.

iX Magazin issue 08/2009 prints my article about Xtext

iX Magazin issue 08/2009 prints my article about Xtext

But this is not the only publication that discusses Xtext: Next week the German Eclipse Magazin (issue 5.2009) will start a series by Jan Köhnlein and Sebastian Zarnekow that explains the technology in detail. And Sven Efftinge sums up the recent events around the Eclipse Modeling Project (including Xtext) in the very same issue (online version of this article already available).

Lars Corneliussen and Markus Völter started a series about DSLs in the in dotnetpro (so far, issue 05/2009 and 07/2009). Even though the focus is on .net platform the former version of Xtext (oAW 4.3) plays a significant role.

Unfortunately, all these publications are in German. If you are interested in writing an English article and need someone to review your work or if you have strong connections to English publishers who might be interested in an article written by us, please contact us via xtext at itemis dot com or comment this blog post.

That said, I want to thank the reviewers of my iX article for their valuable feedback!


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