openArchitectureWare working group at Eclipse

Over the weekend we have finally announced openArchitectureWare’s move to Eclipse at the respective websites. You will now find a landing page at that announces the move. The letter of intent summarizes the ideas behind the move for the loyal oAW 4 community.

openArchitectureWare moved to Eclipse

openArchitectureWare moved to Eclipse

The homepage of the working group at Eclipse offers links to ready-to-use distributions and we are working on update sites, too.

I want to thank Peter and Karsten for their help with this. Hopefully, this public notice will encourage even more users to migrate to the more stable and feature-rich version at Eclipse. Again, if you need professional support around oAW itemis will be glad to assist you.

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  1. Jan Köhnlein says:

    Wow, that page looks cool. Great work!

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