Focus on Modeling at the first Elmshorner Wirtschaftsinformatiktag

On Friday, October 23rd the first Elmshorner Wirtschaftsinformatiktag near Hamburg will open its doors to elaborate on the topic “Modeling the Business”. I will give a talk about some best-practices itemis applied in MDSD projects based on Eclipse Modeling. An ongoing project at Deutsche Börse AG offers insights in how even established and widely known modeling techniques such as UML or code generation can be optimized with some pragmatic adjustments.

First Elmshorner Wirtschaftsinformatiktag at the Nordakademie near Hamburg

Elmshorner Wirtschaftsinformatiktag at Nordakademie near Hamburg

Other talks such as

show great promise for interesting discussions. Please note that the aforementioned talks as well as every other talk will be held in German (I freely translated the titles for you).

There’s no conference fee and the organizers will be happy to welcome you at the Nordakademie if you register before October 23rd. So, if you happen to be around Hamburg that Friday don’t miss the 1st EWiTa!

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  1. Marcel says:

    I’m looking forward to the confi. So see you on Friday.

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