iPhonical at the second German iPhone Developer Conference in December 2009

This December will start with two exciting days when the German iPhone Developer Conference takes place in Cologne. With 28 talks about business and engineering on two tracks the second iPhoneDevCon celebrates the second anniversary of the iPhone itself. Not by accident Maximilian Reiß picks up this coincidence and gives a résumé of two eventful years with apple’s successful device in his keynote.

My talk about model-driven iPhone development in general and the open source tool iPhonical in particular ranks among many other promising talks for developers.

Visit the iPhoneDevCon in Cologne on December 01-02, 2009

Visit the German iPhoneDevCon in Cologne on December 01-02, 2009

If you are planning to attend please contact me in advance. Being a speaker I can give away a limited amount of promotion codes. This might safe you some expenses and allows you to buy me a drink in return ;)

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