EWiTa 2009 in retrospect

Yesterday’s first Elmshorner Wirtschaftsinformatiktag at the Nordakademie was a worthwhile event. As expected, the lineup arranged by Hinrich Schröder and Frank Zimmermann motivated controversial discussions. Hartmut Herde asked critical questions about MDSD whereas I outlined how MDSD can be applied successfully with the needed knowlege at hand. Anyway, I fully agree with his opinion and enjoyed listening. Try to read his paper in the proceedings if possible.

Frank Zimmermann explained how Eclipse Modeling and Xtext in particular can be used to produce SAP applications. He even gave a live-presentation of the tools his students developed during a research project.

Simon Zambrovski took some photos at the EWiTa

Simon Zambrovski took some photos at the EWiTa

Since the slides I used at the EWiTa were an excerpt from a former talk at the Code Generation 2009 in Cambridge I will only list the related talks I mentioned in the end:


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