Recent updates of the Xtext website

In conjunction with the Eclipse M4 release of Xtext its website has been updated, too. We wanted the new features to reflect how lively the Xtext project is by just looking at the website. At the same time, they should not scare away new visitors but be informative and subtle.

In the end we came up with: Some statistics of the project activity (1), a news aggregator (2), and a condensed (53 secs) introductory screencast (3).

The new Xtext website displays commit statistics (1), recent blog posts plus other web content (2) and a brand-new screencast (3)

The updated Xtext website displays commit statistics (1), recent blog posts plus other web content (2) and a brand-new introductory screencast (3)

Our project website attracted some attention since it has been launched this June. The AMP project reuses its layout and Denis from the Eclipse webmaster team embraces the results, too. From there, the bugzilla 235828 discusses whether the Xtext website should serve as the standard template for new Eclipse projects.

Currently, you can see such an “empty Xtext website” at - how cool is that!

The Bells and Whistles

Even if Denis, Matt & Karl will provide a standard template based on the Xtext website you might want to adapt some of our additional features, too. To support you in doing so, I will summarize the underlying technology of the recently introduced features.

To produce the commit stats (1) the page leverages the commit statistics of Xtext and renders the polished data with the Google Chart API on order to match our visual expectations.

The news section has been built with Yahoo Pipes to scan, filter and aggregate different web resources asynchronously. You can even subscribe to the news feed directly to always stay up to date.

For both the commit stats as well as the news section Denis allowed me to install a cronjob that fetches and stores the results independently from the http requests.

The screencast has been recorded and edited with ScreenFlow. Also, thanks to Sven for the audio equipment!

Let me know if you want me to provide more details.

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  1. Denis Roy says:

    Heiko, thanks again for the great work! I’m sure all the new projects will appreciate the new template!

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